Better Incontinence Options Than Men’s Absorbent Underwear

Male incontinence may feel like a lonely problem, but the truth is that you’re not alone. Nearly 12 million men across the United States experience male incontinence, which was reported in 11 to 34 percent of older individuals. 

The good news is that you have options. Here at MDP (Male Drip Protection), we’re dedicated to providing the information and resources men need to manage daily incontinence symptoms like drips and leakage. You can continue to travel, explore, play, and party with with friends and family when you have the right tools like MDP. 

Incontinence doesn’t have to hold you back from doing the things you love, and with our specialty sleeve design, it won’t. Here’s a closer look at your incontinence management options and why the Male Drip Protection sleeve stands out from other products, like absorbent underwear.

Why Is It Important To Use the Right Products?

It’s important to understand a little about the different options for managing incontinence. Many men feel embarrassed and isolated regarding incontinence symptoms, and they reach for discreet or readily-available products, such as menstrual products for women like pads and panty liners

Of course, it’s important that you feel confident and capable throughout your day, so make the most of whatever product works best for your needs. Here are a few reasons to pick up products designed specifically for male incontinence.

They’re Designed for Your Body

Women’s menstrual products are designed for female anatomy, specifically the function of female anatomy during the menstruation process. While they can be useful in a pinch, they aren’t the most reliable option for managing the effects of male leakage throughout the day. 

They’re also designed for women’s underwear rather than men’s underwear. That means you may have to worry about shifting or movement, which isn’t an issue with incontinence products designed specifically for men like MDP.

They Meet Your Needs

While menstrual products can be absorbent, the needs of menstruators and those experiencing incontinence can be quite different. For instance, panty liners aren’t designed to absorb much. 

Rather, they prevent stains and can help women navigate the light days of their menstrual cycle in relative comfort. Men experiencing light incontinence may need greater absorbency capacity than a panty liner can offer. 

There Are Fewer Risks of Leaks

With incontinence products designed specifically for men, you have a lower risk of leaks. The products are crafted for activity and movement; you don’t have to worry about shifting during use. 

Since they’re made specifically with men in mind, there’s a lower risk of leaks. With Male Drip Protection, for example, our product fits directly onto the male anatomy with an innovative two-strap solution that helps to ensure everything stays in place, so you can focus on whatever activity or celebration the day ahead might hold. 

They Won’t Rub or Irritate

You also want to avoid products designed for other uses, which can cause rubbing and irritation. The skin around the groin can be thin and sensitive, and ill-fitting products can contribute to inflammation over time. 

When you use products designed for your anatomy and your preferred type of underwear, you’ll have less irritation or rubbing to worry about since it’s made just for you. 

Why Are Incontinence Sleeves a Better Option? 

When picking out the perfect product for managing the effects of light male incontinence, you have options, including both men’s absorbent underwear and the MDP sleeves. MDP can only hold up to two ounces, or about the amount of fluid in a large shot glass. 

Here’s a closer look at why our sleeves are a great first pick for managing light incontinence symptoms. 

They’re Form Fitting 

MDP sleeves are form-fitting and designed to stay in place directly on the male anatomy using an exclusive two-strap system. They help to give you peace of mind and confidence as you fight leaks and incontinence, and you won’t have to worry about them shifting out of place. 

They also allow for a full range of movement during your favorite indoor and outdoor activities, so you can continue to enjoy sports, traveling, entertainment, and more. 

They’re Comfortable for Daily Use

Male incontinence looks different for everyone, but if you have light incontinence or leakage throughout the day, Male Drip Protection is perfect for your needs. Men’s absorbent underwear tends to better serve those with heavier incontinence needs, but with our sleeves, you’ll barely even notice they’re there. 

They’re Moisture Wicking and Breathable 

MDP sleeves are designed for active use in any activity. That’s why they’re made with a moisture-wicking and breathable material so that you can enjoy maximum comfort and function throughout the day. 

You won’t have to worry about irritation or itching from fluid buildup, and the sleeves can be worn for long periods as you enjoy your favorite activities or explore new cities. 

You Can Still Dress Like Yourself 

Much of our confidence comes from how we dress and the chance to express our personal style. And it’s easy to do just that when you wear MDP. 

Unlike absorbent underwear, which replaces your underwear, our sleeves can be worn with whatever type of underwear you like best — even boxers. That means you’ll feel confident in your favorite clothes all day long. 


You have many different choices to pick from when it comes to managing light male incontinence, including absorbent underwear. But MDP is excited to share a product designed by men for men to give you maximum comfort, movement, and confidence all day long. 

Our product will provide peace of mind with light and reliable absorbency capacity. The two-strap design ensures it will remain in place, no matter what the day or night might hold. Learn more about the many benefits of Male Drip Protection from our team today. 


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