Can Men Use Panty Liners for Incontinence?

Can Men Use Panty Liners for Incontinence?

If you took a look at the title of this article and you tilted your head in confusion, we won’t really blame you. After all, men and panty liners seem like two contradictory ideas.

Here’s the thing, panty liners are a great tool for women to discreetly prevent slight discharge from revealing itself on the outside of their pants. And if you’re a dude who also experiences a little bit of incontinence here and there, this probably sounds like a dream come true.

So, can you use panty liners to help catch those tiny leaks? And what about alternatives that don’t have the word “panty” in the name? Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Panty Liners Used For?

Many women wear sanitary pads underneath their underwear during the menstrual cycle to absorb any discharge from their period. These pads are thick and absorbent to help them catch anything and everything.

Panty liners, on the other hand, are thinner and smaller. Unlike sanitary pads, they are used during non-period days when a woman might experience slight discharge or spotting. They’re just like incontinence pads.

Can Men Wear Panty Liners?

You can wear any and everything your heart desires as a free man. We’re never going to sit here and stop you from wearing panty liners to absorb incontinence in your day-to-day. These are small and discreet; no one would know you’re wearing them.

The only problem is that these might not fit very kindly to the male anatomy compared to the female anatomy. You probably won’t get much use out of a panty liner if you start to experience some incontinence in the first place.

So while you can wear panty liners for incontinence, the real question is should you? And considering there are much better alternatives, there’s not much of a reason.

Do They Make Panty Liners for Men?

They sure do, but they’re usually not called panty liners. Incontinence pads are the general term for these types of products. They adhere to the inside of your underwear to prevent light incontinence, similarly to female incontinence pads.

Some of these products are heavy-duty and can withstand upwards of four ounces of urine. However, many are uncomfortable, noticeable, and aren’t form-fitting to your anatomy. There are plenty of better alternatives out there.

Are There Male Alternatives to Panty Liners?

Incontinence pads specifically made for men exist, but they’re often bulky and uncomfortable to wear. Sometimes, you can even tell that a person is wearing them from how it makes their pants bulge. No one needs to know about slight incontinence, especially when MDP has you covered.

Bladder leakage happens, and Male Drip Protection is a revolutionary product for slight urinary incontinence. It’s discreet and easy to use, eliminating the embarrassment and hassle of trying to wear a panty liner for your leakage.

To put it on, just gently pull the blue straps to extend the product, and then insert your penis into the opening. Ensure the straps are underneath, and then attach the straps tightly for a secure fit. You can even loosen or adjust the straps throughout the day for maximum comfort.

This is a stark contrast to panty liners and pads with no adjustable fit. Every guy is different, so having a product that can adapt to your package is a must.

How Does MDP Work?

MDP differs from typical pads or panty liners in that it conforms to a penis of any shape and size — it’s a one-size-fits-all that will never require you to make measurements ahead of time. Plus, it has multiple absorbent zones of the softest material in the industry for maximum comfort and absorption.

The elastic technology in the bands allows you to pull for as tight of a fit as your heart desires, ensuring that it doesn’t slip and slide around as you move throughout the day.

Do Panty Liners Hold More Urine Than MDP?

MDP is for slight incontinence, and our product can pull and absorb about two fluid ounces of liquid. That’s the same as what you can fit into your whiskey shot glass. It’s the perfect fit if you tend to experience incontinence during strenuous activities, like golfing, lifting, or running.

Panty liners hold even less than that. Most run-of-the-mill liners can only withstand around three tablespoons of liquid, which ends up being only about one-half of an ounce. These products are not really meant to absorb liquid — they’re meant to prevent light period spotting from being visible on pants or undergarments.

So if you have any type of incontinence, there’s a good chance that panty liners won’t be able to support your needs in the first place. Yet another great reason why MDP should be your go-to.

In Conclusion

Panty liners are a great tool for women to absorb and catch light period spotting in-between menstrual cycles. And while this is similar to male incontinence products, you can probably find better alternatives to help you absorb leakage.

MDP is an incontinence product that fits any package of any size, and it can absorb up to two ounces of fluid (which is a lot more than most panty liners anyway). Plus, it allows you to tighten or loosen the straps as you please.

MDP is on a mission to help guys stay dry, and we’re here to get you back to being you. Try out MDP today to fight incontinence with comfort, convenience, and confidence.



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