New Male Incontinence Products That Are Custom Fits

When it comes to managing the effects of incontinence, you want to make sure you find a product that fits just right. With the proper tools for the job, you can continue to enjoy your favorite sports and activities, and spend time with loved ones with peace of mind. 

There’s a brand new product made just for men with light urinary incontinence, and its name is MDP (Male Drip Protection). Here at MDP, we’re dedicated to providing the resources and information men deserve when navigating the symptoms and effects of light urinary incontinence. 

Our products are specifically designed for men, and we’re sharing all you need to know about finding an incontinence product that is reliable and effective for your specific need. 

What Should I Look for in an Incontinence Product?

Male incontinence can be difficult to talk about and manage. Many men simply turn to available women’s products already in the home, like those used for menstruation. While pads and panty liners can be useful in a pinch, they’re not designed to manage male incontinence symptoms. They can cause challenges and complications in the long term, and simply are not designed to accommodate the male anatomy. 

Instead, you’ll want to look for a product designed specifically for men — like MDP. It’s also important that male incontinence products fit with your preferred type of underwear, so you don’t have to worry about the product shifting or moving around during use. Fortunately, MDP is compatible with any type of underwear, resulting in no limitations regarding what underwear you choose. 

With the right product, you’ll feel comfortable and confident all day long, so you can continue to enjoy your favorite activities and time spent with loved ones — that’s what MDP delivers every time. 

Why Male Drip Protection Fits Just Right 

You have many options for incontinence products, but there are many reasons why MDP’s Male Drip Protection sleeve is the best product for the job — especially and including its custom tailored fit. Here are a few ways MDP is designed with fit, comfort, and reliability in mind. 

They’re Adjustable

Our products fit every size and shape. That’s because we understand how men’s bodies function, and we designed MDP to fit directly onto the male anatomy and for any activity you choose. 

MDP is completely adjustable utilizing its proprietary 2-strap system, making Male Drip Protection simple and easy to use. You can adjust the size to fit your physical needs at any time of the day, so you can always achieve maximum comfort and peace of mind, no matter what the day ahead might hold. 

MDP is completely capable of absorbing up to two ounces of leakage, but they’re also small and discreet, which means it’s easy to travel with your MDP sleeves, for use at home and out on the go. 

They Have a Two Strap Solution 

When it comes to managing the effects of incontinence, reliability is key. That’s why we designed a product that will stay in place no matter how much you move, play, or dance with the little ones. 

And it all starts with the two-strap solution. This exclusive feature makes it easy to adjust Male Drip Protection, which is form-fitting and adjustable. 

And not only can you make the Male Drip Protection sleeve tighter or looser, as needed, but you won’t have to worry about them shifting or moving thanks to the second strap. The second strap allows men to continue playing golf or hiking mountains without worrying.

They’re Breathable and Moisture-Wicking 

Our Male Drip Protection sleeves fit your body’s specific anatomical shape, but you don’t have to worry about overheating or discomfort. The sleeves are designed with a specific material for maximum breathability and comfort, while simultaneously providing ultimate security and confidence. 

And with moisture-wicking technology, there’s no issue of sweat or moisture build-up that can lead to irritation or rubbing. Our sleeves fit right, can be easily adjusted, and they make you feel right with every use. 

They Can Go Back On After Urination

And if you don’t need to use your sleeve for light incontinence needs this time, there’s no worry about waste. Male Drip Protection sleeves are easy to take off, as needed, and they’re easy to put right back on. 

If the sleeve you’re wearing isn’t wet, you can remove and replace them after urination with a simple adjustment of the straps. That means easy use and big savings on a product you can trust. 

They Fit All Types of Underwear 

The clothes make the man, as the old saying goes. Our clothes are the way we represent ourselves and feel confident when we step out into the world every single day, and that includes our choice of undergarments, as well. 

Another reason to consider Male Drip Protection for that little extra support on the go is that it can be used with all types of underwear. 

Whether you prefer something a little looser, like boxers, or you like the support and cushioning of briefs, Male Drip Protection is the right fit. Keep your style yours with the support of MDP. 


Managing the effects of male incontinence may feel overwhelming, but don’t worry. You have many different options to pick from, and one of the best new products that provides comfort and a form-fitting design you can rely on is MDP. Our Male Drip Protection sleeves can make a difference for you from the first time you put one on. 

Our sleeves are designed by men for men, so you know you can rely on MDP to protect and support you all day long. It has an innovative, proprietary two-strap design that allows you to adjust and fit your sleeve to your physical shape without restricting or limiting movement. You can even put it back on after urinating if it’s still dry. 

MDP is made with comfortable and breathable materials and can be worn under any type of underwear, so you don’t have to adjust your preferences to enjoy peace of mind. Learn about the best practices for managing male incontinence, and find out how MDP sleeves are the best form-fitting option available, and try Male Drip Protection today. 


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