When it comes to dealing with the occasional drips and drops, MDP has got what you need.

Dealing with light incontinence can be confusing. With so many products on the market that are designed for men with heavier bladder leakage, figuring out what works best for you can be confusing. Many men shrug it off and just hope to avoid the occasional drop or dribble that makes it through to their clothing. Others resort to “do-it-yourself” remedies to try to fix the problem. We get it, it’s frustrating and it can be awkward. We believe that every guy deserves to be dry, comfortable and confident, regardless if there’s a lot of or a little leakage. And that’s why we built MDP.

MDP is discreetly shipped in unmarked packaging, and is small enough to take everywhere. It can be worn with all types of clothing and underwear, making it the smart choice for wherever you take your day. Thanks to our proprietary two-strap BodyID technology, MDP remains attached to the penis during exercise and other physical activity. Put a couple in your pocket, your gym bag, or your briefcase and stay comfortably covered anytime, anywhere.

Quite simply, when it comes to anytime protection for men with light bladder leakage, we sized up the competition and it came up short by being too big and ineffective. We couldn't find an existing reliable and discreet solution on the market that prevents light dripping and leakage. So we made our own. If you’re one of the guys we’re talking about, MDP could quite literally be the right fit for you.