Male Urinary Incontinence Devices That Men Use

Urinary incontinence has long been a problem that women have had to deal with, especially when child-bearing. But as many men know, urinary incontinence also effects millions of men with the same frustrating conditions this ailment brings. It really is a lot more common among men than you might think.

With that said, men tend to be an invisible population that is often forgotten about when dealing with incontinence. And because of that, it can be hard for men to find incontinence products that work for them.

Let’s look at urinary incontinence devices that men have historically used, as well as some better, new options that can help you manage frustrating leakage.

The Good, The Bad: The Incontinence Pad

If you’ve struggled with drips and dribbles and sought a quick Google search to get some relief, you’ve probably come across the incontinence pad. These are flat, sanitary pads placed on the inside of your underwear to soak up urine.

The keyword here is that these are flat, and if you look at your male anatomy, you’ll probably notice that it’s a little bit more rounded and bulky. This is because traditionally, incontinence pads for men were modeled after women’s pads, which just isn’t the best design for a man.

So if you’re a man trying to wear a flat pad, there’s a great chance they’ll slip and slide around, causing potential leaks and misfires into your underpants. Or, your leakage will completely miss the pad in the first place, completely negating the entire purpose of the product. 

Not to mention, incontinence pads look bulky, can be uncomfortable, making it obvious to others that you struggle with incontinence. And since incontinence pads, guards and shields need to be worn attached to the inside of your underwear, you need to wear tight briefs just to hold the pad in place.

That’s not to say that all incontinence pads are bad, though. Incontinence pads do tend to be able to soak up more urine compared to some other types of products, but there’s always the risk of the urine not actually hitting the pad.

The Stance on Adult Underpants

Adult underpants, lovingly referred to as adult diapers, are fully absorbent undergarments that replace your underwear. These are usually the best option if you struggle with heavy incontinence, as these are very absorbent and often come with a waterproof crotch for extra protection.

Most adult underpants are either washable or disposable, and are generally easy products to use. With that said, it can be a challenge to take them on and off discreetly. Plus, they aren’t portable, so you can’t easily keep extras with you as you move through your day.

The main issue with adult diapers is that they are extremely visible because they are large and bulky. So if you don’t want people to know that you struggle with incontinence, this might not be the best option.

The Cunningham Clamp

The Cunningham clamp is an incontinence device that is specially formulated for men. And while it is effective, it is probably one of the more uncomfortable options, especially before you ease into wearing it.

This incontinence clamp is placed over and around the penis to keep the urethra forcibly closed. Essentially, it tightens around the bottom of the shaft of the penis. While most men can eventually adjust to the discomfort, it can be very awkward and uncomfortable to wear.

With that in mind, it is reusable and tends to be a more cost-effective option. But when there are better options on the market that are comfortable and effective, why deal with the discomfort this one causes?

Considering the Condom Catheter

The condom catheter is another fairly uncomfortable product made for men with urinary incontinence. With this, a condom-like device is placed over the penis with a tube on the end that connects to a bag tied to your leg.

It’s unsightly and has a little bit of an odor. While it doesn’t irritate your skin and is fairly easy to use, it’s usually not the first option most men try to manage incontinence.

Male Drip Protection for All-Around Comfort

MDP, or Male Drip Protection, successfully solves some of the problems these other incontinence products overlook. MDP is a sleeve that is worn directly on your penis, giving you a secure, comfortable solution that absorbs leaks and prevents unsightly embarrassment.

MDP addresses the downfalls of typical pads by securing around your package rather than to your underwear. This keeps you dry and snug, so you don’t need to worry about it sliding around in your underwear. Plus, this also means you can wear any type of underwear you want, even boxers.

It has some advantages over incontinence underpants in that it’s invisibly discreet, so no one will know you’re even wearing one in the first place. It’s also easy to remove and replace, and it fits discreetly in your pocket or wallet, so you can swap it out whenever you need to.

Finally, it beats out the incontinence clamp because it’s made of a soft, absorbent core that gives you comfort and security all day long, no matter what. This means you can lift weights, play sports, and go for a run without worrying about leakage or discomfort.

That said, MDP is not meant for men with severe incontinence as it will only capture up to two ounces. While MDP can hold over a shot glass worth of drips and dribbles, it won’t withstand excessive leakage and urine loss. For that, you might want to consider incontinence underwear.

But the best way to see the difference is to feel it for yourself. Try MDP today and stop worrying about light incontinence.

In Conclusion

Male incontinence products are often bulky and uncomfortable, but there are choices. Millions of men experience urine leakage, and guys want the comfort and security from wearing a comfortable, form-fitting productdesigned just for men.

Incontinence pads and adult underwear are commonly used by men with moderate to heavy incontinence, but they’re often bulky and difficult to use, which is not ideal for men with only light incontinence. And clamps and catheters work well, but they’re so uncomfortable to wear.

The MDP design addresses the shortcomings of these other products and delivers game-changing benefits to every man with light incontinence. With a custom-fitted two-strap design that fits right over your anatomy, you don’t need to worry about slipping and sliding. Plus, it’s discreet and easy to use, letting you wear it with any type of underwear you want.

Try it out today, and stop worrying about drips and dribbles.


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