You Are Not Alone: Let's Talk About Male Incontinence

It’s natural for men dealing with light incontinence for the first time to be frustrated, embarrassed, and self-conscious. No man wants to be surprised by wet spots on his pants, especially during important occasions or activities that he’s enjoyed for years. We get it guys, it sucks. But you know what? It’s also not a big deal.

Incontinence has been happening to men since the first caveman thought about retiring his hunting club in exchange for some golf clubs. It affects men everywhere, every day. According to an official Reviews in Urology 2009 report, 11% of men between the ages of 60-64 and 31% of men older than 64 have dealt with this issue. That’s either one in 10 or one in three guys, depending on age. If you’re playing in a foursome with any given group of retired guys, at least one of those guys most likely is facing light incontinence.

According to a 2014 CDC report, incontinence may be caused by age-related changes in the lower urinary tract as well as conditions not even related to the urinary system. Some of these conditions include diabetes, cancer, and stroke. Incontinence just happens. It happens to a lot of men for a lot of different reasons. It’s been happening since the beginning of the world and when it happens to you, it’s definitely not the end of the world. The problem is as old as time. Problem is, most of the solutions have been, too. Diapers, guards, clamps, and repurposed feminine pads are a thing of the past thanks to MDP.

In fact, now is the best time to face light urinary incontinence. Advances in male protection and comfort have made it easier than ever to shrug it off and get back to the good life. MDP leads the charge with our proprietary BodyID technology and the discreet fit of our product. We’ve got your front, but we’ve also got your back. If you ever want to talk about drip challenges, have any questions, or need help creating a game plan to tackle incontinence head-on, MDP is in your corner.

Stay dry. Be a guy. MDP


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