We Love What Our Guys Are Saying

Guys all over America are raving about MDP. Finally, there’s a discreet solution to light male incontinence that allows men to return to their active lives—in comfort and confidence. Our team has spent years listening and learning from thought-leaders in the medical field (as well as guys like you) to develop this revolutionary new approach to tackling light incontinence. We love hearing from men in every field of business and walk of life as we work on ways to improve MDP even more over time.

Here’s some of our favorite insights from guys like you around the country.

One of the things guys like best about MDP is how discreet it is. MDP is mailed directly to your door and each product is individually packaged in an inconspicuous black wrapper portable enough to be taken anywhere, anytime.. About its compactness, Tamir from Utah says:

“There’s no more need for a diaper. I’m extremely active and this time of year I can work up a good sweat. I throw several MDP into my gym bag and know I’m covered if I’m on the treadmill or squat rack. And I’m the only one who knows I have it on.”

Boxers or brief? How about both. Thanks to our exclusive two-strap technology that tightens specifically to individual male anatomy, MDP can be worn with just about anything. In Maine, Jose has this to say:

“MDP lets me wear boxers or briefs without worrying about visible wetness. I know that no matter what I’m doing or how I move, MDP stays attached thanks to it’s tightening straps. I really felt comfortable with it and it does the job well.”

We’ve found that one of the things that embarrass men most about male drippage and light incontinence is odor. Odor comes with the territory, but MDP helps control and contain it thanks to wicking polymers that absorb odor and keep you feeling fresh. Brad from Ohio tells us:

“I used to be self-conscious that I smelled a little because of my urinary drip. With MDP, that thought no longer crosses my mind. Not only is it comfortable and portable, but it also acts as a shield against noticeable odor. That’s a big relief.”

No matter where you call home or what you enjoy doing most in life, MDP keeps you dry where and when it matters most. Dry clothing means peace of mind and MDP offers this while being so discreet that only you know you have it on.

Every guy’s story is an inspiration. We want to hear yours. If you have tried MDP and want to let us know how it’s worked for you, or even your ideas about ways to improve it, please share your thoughts with us here: 

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