Meet the Founders

Hey guys,

My name is Ian, I'm the founder of MDP, and I want to share with you a little about our mission. The creation of MDP has been an incredible labor of love for me. Words cannot express the emotion and excitement I’m feeling today as we release our vision into the world. I’m so honored to be able to share our story with you.

My father’s incontinence was the reason for this mission and what sparked the idea of MDP. However, it’s been the interactions I’ve had with men (and their loved ones) along the way that has fueled our efforts to get to where we are today—the starting line. You read that right. This journey has just begun, not ended. I want to stay as closely connected to all of you now as I was during the focus groups, use tests, and support group conversations.

My close friends have teased me now and then about my obsession with this product. They’re right, I have been obsessed. However, it’s not the product itself that obsesses me, but rather the value that MDP is designed to provide. My friend Kelly joined me in this obsession because he too believes that every man should confidently face incontinence with his best face forward. Together, we have forged a new path: a better way for men with light incontinence to stay dry while engaging in the activities that are important to them in comfort.

Every man has his “why” for staying dry. For my dad, it was playing with his grandchildren. For the many of you that we have talked to, it's going to work, meeting friends for coffee, playing golf, tailgating with your college-aged kids and their friends, dinner and a movie with your wife, and so much more. 

We never want to stop listening to your stories. We want to share in your recovered zeal for life. And we also want your feedback on the product so we can keep making it better for you and our fellow guys. Everything you share supports our mission of helping every man stay dry, so he can be a guy.

Please email me directly anytime at I can’t wait to hear from you, so bring it on!

Haven’t had a chance to try out MDP yet for yourself? 

Ian Heyman & Kelly Fox
MDP Creators
Columbus, OH