Skip the Tie. Give Dad the Dry.

Getting your dad a holiday gift can be a little awkward… Socks? A new 9-iron? Another tie? Who knows if he needs it… or even wants it. This holiday season, give him a box of freedom to move with the new, innovative MDP Male Drip Protection.

The thing is, over 1 in 4 men over the age of 65 deal with some form of bladder leakage. This issue often shows-up as the occasional urine drip on his pants. 25% of your dad’s friends, and maybe even your dad has already experienced this very common event for guys. MDP absorbs up to two ounces of urine and can be discreetly worn with virtually any clothing, including boxer briefs, pajama pants, jeans, shorts, and even the slacks you gifted him over the last decade…it even works when he wants to go commando (we’re very sorry to have put that image in your head, but guys will be guys!).

A gift of MDP might end up helping him with something you didn’t know he needed, but even if he isn’t experiencing light bladder leakage, no worries. MDP has many other uses:

  • Penis warmer for those cold mornings he doesn’t feel like putting on a robe

  • As a gift wrap for his significant other to remove

  • A profile enhancer for the male anatomy
  • As a protective covering when engaging in contact sports

  • White Elephant gift that is sure to start up a conversation

As you can see, you can get a lot of mileage out of an MDP. This holiday, give dad the gift of a good solution to a sneaky problem he’s battling or just a good laugh. And if he happens to pee himself a little in the process, there’s plenty more in the box.

Stay dry. Be a guy. MDP.

Ergonomically designed to naturally fit a man.

Ergonomically designed to naturally fit a man, your dad included!