Men’s Incontinence Pads That Work in Briefs

Men’s Incontinence Pads That Work in Briefs

Boxers or briefs? It’s an age-old question that has divided the world almost as much as fries or onion rings, decaf or regular, chocolate or vanilla. But no matter which underwear you like the most, it can be tough to find incontinence pads that fit.

Many incontinence products aren’t fit for the male anatomy, leaving many guys to either deal with their drips and dribbles or fork over the money for full-fledged adult diapers. Both ends of the spectrum are less than ideal — so what if there was a happy medium?

MDP is the solution that lets you wear whatever underwear you want without worrying about urine loss becoming an issue. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Are Incontinence Pads?

Incontinence pads are absorbent, flat pads worn inside your underwear to absorb urine loss. Typically, these pads are made for the female anatomy, adhering to the inside of panties or undergarments.

However, incontinence pads for men do exist. While these work to absorb urine loss, they require you to adhere them to the inside of your underwear. 

Not only can this lead to the product slipping and sliding all over the place, rendering it entirely ineffective, but it can also make it so that you can only wear specific undergarments.

If you like boxers' breathability but struggle with incontinence, you often can’t wear ordinary incontinence pads alongside them. But here at MDP, we think men should be free to choose between boxers, briefs, or any type of underwear that their heart desires. That’s why we came up with a solution.

What Are Men’s Incontinence Products?

Most incontinence products fit your underwear. That’s fine, but sometimes your underwear might not be the right size for the product to work effectively. Male Drip Protection sought to fix this problem by creating an incontinence barrier that fits your anatomy instead.

While incontinence pads are like a shield for your penis, you can think of MDP as more of a sleeve. It fits snugly around your entire anatomy to ensure that no single drip or drop can escape. Plus, it uses a two-strap system that makes it easy for you to adjust the fit of your product at any point throughout the day. It’s a one-size-fits-all solution.

And the best part? You can wear it inside boxers, briefs, or anything in-between. You shouldn’t need to give up the comfort of your favorite pair of underwear just because of a little leakage.

MDP can hold up to two ounces of urine loss, about the same amount that a typical shot glass can hold. That’s a lot of drips and dribbles, allowing you to keep your briefs dry and your boxers nice and clean.

When Do You Need Incontinence Briefs?

There are such things as incontinence briefs, often lovingly referred to as “adult diapers.” Many men think this is the only option, even with slight urinary incontinence. But the reality is that these are really only meant for moderate to severe instances.

Incontinence briefs usually can hold an entire bladder’s worth of discharge. They’re for people with little to no bladder control whatsoever. But if you have a little leakage during a strenuous activity like running, coughing, or sneezing, you probably don’t need to go all in on adult diapers.

MDP is on the other end of the spectrum, absorbing light incontinence you might experience daily. Of course, if you experience severe incontinence or your doctor suggests otherwise, you might need to wear incontinence underwear instead.

How Long Does MDP Last?

The harsh truth is that the lifespan of your MDP is subject to change depending on how much you leak in it throughout the day. You might be able to go the entire day without needing a fresh one — or you might need to change out a soaked one by lunch.

The good news is that it’s as easy to take off as it is to put on. So if you need a fresh one, just take a quick trip to the bathroom to swap it out. Since it just goes around your anatomy instead of your entire waistline, it’s a breeze to take on and off.

How Can I Reduce Incontinence Without Briefs?

If you’re not yet at a point where you’re able to wear MDP, you might be able to decrease your urine loss by making just a few changes to your lifestyle habits.

For one, quit smoking. Smoking can make you cough more, making it more difficult to hold in your bladder. Decrease those weekend cigars or morning cigarettes, especially if you struggle with incontinence.

You’ll also want to try to avoid lifting heavy objects. Lifting heavy can relax your pelvic floor, making it much easier to let a couple of drips and dribbles out accidentally. If you need to lift something heavy, tighten those pelvic muscles as much as possible.

You can also reduce leakage by drinking more, believe it or not. Staying hydrated helps to expand your bladder capacity, which lets you have more control over when you decide to let loose.

In Conclusion

You shouldn’t need to sacrifice your favorite pair of boxers or briefs just because of a few urine drips. That’s why MDP has you covered with a form-fitting sleeve that absorbs light incontinence without the bulky discomfort of adult diapers.

It’s discreet, easy to adjust, and effective. We’re on a mission to get men back to the activities they love. Try out MDP today to see the difference it can make.



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