New Guards for Men With Incontinence Problems


Some slight urine loss can happen even when you keep your guard up. Sometimes, no matter what you do, you might experience a few drips and dribbles in your underwear from light incontinence. But you can shield yourself from the discomfort by toughening your defenses.

Incontinence guards are among the tools to help men fight against urine loss and leaks. Learn how these can work and a brand new alternative to incontinence guards that might work even better.

What Are Incontinence Guards?

Incontinence is the loss of bladder control. It’s ranked as mild, moderate, or severe, depending on how much urine you cannot hold throughout a given day. 

Those who let out just a few drips during strenuous activity would be on the mild end, whereas people who experience a complete loss of bladder control are on the severe end of the spectrum. Incontinence guards are perhaps better known as incontinence pads. 

These flat, absorbent pads go inside your underwear to help absorb urine leaks throughout the day. Heavy-duty incontinence guards can also be worn in place of underwear for individuals with severe leakage.

The thing about incontinence pads is that they were originally designed for women, hence their flat design. While the flat pad works great for the female anatomy, it’s not the greatest shape to adhere to the male anatomy. 

Men need something a bit more form-fitting and well-rounded, which is exactly what led us to create MDP.

The New Kid on the Block: MDP

MDP is less of a guard and more of a sleeve that fits right over your manhood. It keeps it as tight or snug as you want with its adjustable design, and it can also be worn with any type of underwear. So you don’t need to stick with briefs over boxers if you prefer the latter.

MDP can hold up to two ounces of fluid, which is more than it might sound. That’s about the same capacity as the last whiskey shot you took at your favorite bar, and it’s perfect for catching those drips and dribbles that leak out from playing golf, running, coughing, or sneezing.

Most incontinence guards use an uncomfortable paper that can easily chafe your groin area. Still, MDP uses a comfortable, absorbent fabric that feels more comfortable than letting your manhood hang out. 

And since you can tighten the two straps however you want, you can decide how tight or snug your fit should be. It’s discreet, easy to replace, and lasts throughout the day. 

We’re not saying we’re better than a typical incontinence pad, but it speaks for itself. Buy now to see and feel the difference that MDP can make.

How Do I Pick the Right Incontinence Product?

It can be tough to be a dude with incontinence because it seems like all the products there are for women. But you can find the right product by basing it on three main criteria: comfort, capacity, and size.

If you have something uncomfortable in your pants, it’s a surefire way to ruin your entire day. And with incontinence pads, it can be hard to find one that feels comfortable because they’re usually ill-fitting to your anatomy, and they’re not made with soft materials. 

Look for products like MDP that put comfort first. The absorbent, soft fabric is an easy way to ensure you’re feeling good all day long.

As far as capacity, MDP is great for light incontinence. But if you leak a little bit more than two ounces a day, getting some heavy-duty pads might be a good idea until you can upgrade to something like MDP. 

With that said, MDP is super easy to remove and replace, so throwing on a new one won’t take much if it gets soiled during the day. Finally, when it comes to picking the right incontinence product, size does matter. 

Incontinence products come in different shapes and sizes based on your manhood, and it can be tough to find the right fit. But since MDP uses a proprietary two-strap solution, it makes it easy to adjust throughout the day to ensure you always get the perfect fit.

How Do I Alleviate Incontinence Without Pads?

If you struggle with moderate or severe incontinence and want to get to a point where you can wear MDP for light urine loss, there are a few practices you can adopt now to make changes for the future.

First and foremost, quit smoking. Not only does lighting up increase your risk for lung and oral cancer, but it can also make you pee more often. This is because it causes you to cough, which relaxes your pelvic muscles and releases your bladder.

Speaking of pelvic muscles, having a weak pelvic floor makes it easier to lose urine. You can do pelvic floor exercises, which are as simple as tightening your pelvic floor for a few seconds throughout the day, to strengthen these muscles and your bladder.

Finally, drink more water. While it might seem counterintuitive, drinking more water makes it so that your bladder capacity increases. This makes it easier to hold in your pee without any accidents.

In Conclusion

Men can use incontinence guards to help absorb urine loss, but they’re not the most user-friendly for the male anatomy. They’re flat, uncomfortable, and often noticeable from the outside.

MDP fits like a glove, is super comfy, and is entirely discreet. Feel the difference for yourself by giving it a go today.



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