Deodorant for the Groin Area: How To Help Groin Sweat and Manage Leakage Odor

As a man, you’ll probably be responsible for mowing the grass, removing spiders, and fixing the toilet. You’ll also definitely start to sweat a little bit where the sun doesn't shine when you do any of these activities.

Groin sweat and urine leaks don’t just make you feel uncomfortable, they also make you smell a little bit worse for wear. And as embarrassing as it might seem, just remember that most men are dealing with the same problems. It’s time to take this taboo topic and turn it around. 

Here’s everything you need to know about managing groin sweat and leakage odor with deodorant for the groin area.

Why Does Groin Sweat Smell So Bad?

No matter how much you shave down there, it can still get pretty hot and steamy in your jeans. And this leads to lots of sweat, which makes it uncomfortable to move around. That sticky feeling can also lead to a stinky smell, which no one wants.

Body odor in the groin and anywhere around the body is caused by fungus and bacteria. Sweat itself is odorless, but moisture in damp, dark places like your pants, shoes, or under your arms can lead to some serious smells.

When sweat combines with the bacteria that are already on your skin, it can start to get a little smelly. And certain types of fungus can also grow in these dark areas in between bathing, which also leads to odors.

These smells are heightened if you’re also a little incontinent. Urine is not odorless, so if you leak into your underwear, it will likely start to smell immediately. Male urinary incontinence is common and can be caused by aging, prostate inflammation, and more.

Regardless of the reason for the stench, deodorant can work to fight back against the odor to prevent embarrassment and discomfort.

How Does Groin Deodorant Work?

Since most of the reason you start to smell down there is because of sweat, most deodorants double as an antiperspirant to block the production of sweat.

Deodorants are generally applied to the top of the skin and may also contain metallic salts. These react with chemicals on the skin and within the sweat ducts, which leads to physical blockage of the sweat glands, preventing them from being able to secrete sweat. 

Some antiperspirants use substances like glycopyrrolate, which targets receptors in the sweat glands to reduce their activity. While you can technically use a deodorant stick that you’d use for your underarms on your groin, we’d recommend getting a specialized groin deodorant instead. 

These are often creams or sprays that are easier to apply to the area. Plus, you don’t want to rub your groin all over your armpits (and vice versa). Many of these are also scented, so not only will it not smell bad, but it will make that area smell fresh. 

Some people try to avoid antiperspirants, so you can also get deodorants which are not functioning as antiperspirants. While these won’t block sweat, they still contain perfumes that can eliminate nasty smells produced from excess sweat.

How To Apply Groin Deodorant

Applying your deodorant largely depends on the type you get, as some are sprays, some are lotions, and some are the standard deodorant sticks. Either way, apply the product to clean, dry skin — preferably after a shower.

How To Prevent Groin Smell

The best way to treat the stench of a stinky groin is by preventing it in the first place. And there are a few ways you can stay on the offensive.

Male Drip Protection

If the odor from down under is caused largely by urine loss, then MDP is the revolutionary product you need. A state-of-the-art solution for the modern man, this is a discreet sleeve that slides right over the penis to absorb light urinary incontinence before it even has the opportunity to start smelling.

MDP is form fitted to the male anatomy with two-strap Body ID Technology, meaning you can tighten the straps as snugly or loosely as you prefer by adjusting them anytime (and as often as you like). And the best part is that no one will ever know you’re wearing MDP — it’s virtually invisible from the outside because it conforms to the unique anatomy of each man.

MDP also includes a moisture-wicking breathable fabric that helps keep you feeling cool and dry, and prevents you from getting super hot down there. Wearing MDP eliminates the worry about excess sweat and discomfort for any activity, and restores confidence to get back into anything you want to do .

Compatible with all types of underwear, even boxers, there’s no way to go wrong with MDP. Try it today to see (and feel) the difference this revolutionary product can make. Stop stressing about light incontinence and get back to what you love most.

Bring a Change of Clothes

Leaving the gym drenched in sweat is sort of like a badge of honor for a job well done — but the way you start to smell later on feels more like a punishment (for you and those around you). So it’s always good to bring a change of fresh clothes whenever you know you’ll be sweating.

Sweat can mix with bacteria and latch onto your clothes, so even if you clean your skin, your dirty clothes will still smell just as bad. The best method is to shower after sweating before putting on a fresh set of clothes, in order to take on the day in style.

Wear Loose Fitting Boxers

While briefs might be more comfortable for some men, they don’t give you and your genitals much breathing room. This makes it a lot easier to start sweating up a storm in your groin. If you tend to get sweaty down there, it also might be a good idea to try switching to boxers.

Boxers are looser, so air can more easily circulate, making you feel more comfortable throughout the day. And even if you’re worried about light male incontinence, MDP has you covered while you wear your favorite pair of boxers.


It’s important to remember that having a lot of pubic hair will also make it hotter and stuffier down there. Pubic hair traps bacteria and moisture from sweat because it is filled with apocrine glands, so it’s a breeding ground for all things smelly.

It’s always a good idea to keep it clean and shaven down there to more easily prevent odor build-up. Not to mention, it might just help you feel more comfortable overall.

In Conclusion

Groin sweat is a common, albeit frustrating symptom of being a guy. Excessive sweating doesn’t smell, but when it reacts with the bacteria on your skin, it can make you want to plug your nose every time.

Deodorants and antiperspirants can help you get some relief, and adding MDP will give you the best protection available. Since some of the odor from your groin may be caused by urine leakage as well, MDP works to absorb light male urinary incontinence while still being breathable and moisture-wicking throughout the day or night.

Just make sure to put on a new MDP sleeve once it gets wet. Follow these simple steps to avoid feeling hot and musty, and MDP will make you feel confidant and comfortable that you don’t have to worry about sweaty urine smells down there.

Change your clothes often, shower frequently, and keep it clean-shaven down there to reduce the risk of smells escaping your groin. And just for some extra protection, it’s always good to keep a bottle of groin deodorant and a spare MDP nearby for those crisis moments.


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