Are There Bladder Pads for Men?


Urinary incontinence is one of those things that no one really wants to talk about, but it’s something we have to bring up. And since so many people keep the topic “hush-hush,” it’s normal to feel like you’re the only one going through it. 

Here’s the deal – over 25 million adult Americans experience temporary or chronic incontinence. That’s just about the entire population of the state of Texas.

While that doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable, it does mean that there are many different incontinence guards for men to help you fight urine loss. And if you’re a guy looking for incontinence pads — you’ve got options. 

Here’s everything you need to know about personal care for incontinence.

What Are Bladder Pads?

Bladder pads, also called incontinence pads, are flat, absorbent pads that adhere to the inside of your underwear to help absorb urine loss. They’re typically made of cotton if they’re washable or paper if disposable. Larger incontinence pads can also be used to cover bed linens or chairs.

There are different strength bladder pads for how much capacity you need them to hold. In general, the more absorbent of a pad you need, the bulkier and more noticeable it might be from the outside. This can make it hard to be discreet if you need maximum absorbency for heavy incontinence.

The thing about so-called “unisex” incontinence pads, liners, pull-ups, and adult diapers is that most fit the female anatomy. And if you’re a guy, you’d see how a flat pad might not work too well, considering everything you’ve got going on in your boxers. 

Plus, even male incontinence pads can move around if you don’t wear snug protective underwear, making it difficult to get back to playing sports, lifting, or doing all those other activities you love. They’re just not made for a man’s body.

So what’s a man to do? Don’t worry — there are incontinence products specifically designed for you.

What Are Incontinence Products for Men?

The best male incontinence products are created with the male anatomy in mind, and Male Drip Protection (MDP) takes those flat underpads and revolutionizes them to fit your needs. MDP is a light absorbency, one-size-fits-all incontinence protection pad that can be form-fitted to fit any shape or size of penis perfectly.

Instead of being a flat pad like other men’s bladder control pads, this breathable product has more of a cup-like shape. It fits around your penis like a glove, working to absorb up to two ounces of urine loss. That’s the same amount as a typical shot glass — it can hold tons of drips, dribbles, and occasional bladder leaks.

There are other products on the market with a similar style, but what sets MDP apart is that you don’t need to measure or worry about sizing. The proprietary two-strap solution adheres to almost any penis size and shape and is adjustable throughout the day. 

So you don’t need to worry about your pad slipping and sliding around. As a bonus, our revolutionary design means that you can still wear your favorite boxer briefs — there’s no need for special incontinence underwear.

So while you’re welcome to get typical bladder pads, why would you? MDP is the solution that lets you get back to what you love most in comfort and style.

How Do I Pick the Right Incontinence Products?

The best incontinence product is one that works for you. And we like to think about three basic criteria for choosing the right fit: comfort, capacity, and size.


There’s perhaps no worse place to feel discomfort than your penis. And typical bladder pads are usually made of an uncomfortable paper adhesive that chafes and rubs up against your anatomy. 

And if you like running, playing tennis, or doing anything involving moving your legs, you’ll feel sorer than ever before. Some of the most comfortable incontinence products are made of fabric. And when you choose a form-fitting one like MDP, it also allows you to make the product as loose or snug as you wish.


Do you experience a couple of drips during your bouts of incontinence, or does it feel like you start to drown? The amount of urine you tend to lose on a given day plays a big role in deciding which product to choose.

As we said earlier, MDP absorbs up to two ounces of urine loss (about the size of a shot glass). And while that might not seem like much, remember that most instances of incontinence only amount to just a few teaspoons of liquid loss.

Of course, if you lose a little bit more than that, tons of other heavy-duty products on the market can hold up to four ounces or more for men who need heavy absorbency. But for most men with light incontinence, the comfort and durability of MDP products are completely unmatched.


When it comes to choosing your incontinence product, size does matter. Wearing a piece that’s too snug will make you feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable, but wearing a piece that’s too loose will cause you a lot more trouble than it’s worth. It’s hard to know exactly what size of incontinence product you need until you’ve physically tried it.

But since MDP lets you adjust the straps at any given moment, you can rest assured that it will fit a penis of any shape and size — any time of day. 

In Conclusion

Bladder pads are a great tool to help absorb the flow of incontinence, especially in women. This is because they’re flat pads better suited for the female anatomy. But for men, you probably want something a little more well-rounded (pun intended).

Incontinence products for men are at their best when they fit the shape of the penis and when they can be adjusted based on size and shape. MDP hits all those boxes, allowing you to get back what you love most without worrying about urine loss anymore.

MDP is on a mission to help men with slight bladder leakage get back to their best life. Try it out today to see and feel the difference.



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