The Best Male Adults Underpads for Light Incontinence

The Best Male Adults Underpads for Light Incontinence

If you’re scared to death to lift something heavy, swing a golf club, laugh, cough, or sneeze because you’re worried about soiling your trousers — you’re not alone. Incontinence affects over 25 million adult Americans. That’s twice the population of Pennsylvania.

It’s a bit more common in women than men, so many men wrongfully assume that no product can suit their needs. But if you’re not soiling enough for full-on adult underwear but leaking too much for regular underwear, it can be hard to figure out exactly what to use. 

But don’t worry —we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about the newest alternative to adult underpads specifically for men.

What Is Light Incontinence?

Incontinence is the fancy term for urine loss. It’s ranked on a scale of mild, moderate, and severe. Mild incontinence is leakage between 1.3g and 20g. Moderate ranges from 21 to 74g, whereas severe incontinence is more than 75g in 24 hours.

Light incontinence happens when you let out a few drips and dribbles here and there, specifically when you’re engaging in strenuous activities like running, lifting, or playing sports. Severe incontinence is a complete loss of bladder control, and moderate falls somewhere in between the two.

What Are Adult Underpads?

There are tons of different products on the market to help men get relief from their incontinence. Underpads are one of the more common. These help women deal with their incontinence. Since they’re flat, they’re much more able to suit the female anatomy.

Underpads adhere to the inside of your underwear and absorb leakage whenever it occurs. The capacity of these pads varies, with some being able to hold slight leaks and others being able to hold complete bladder release. Know that the higher the capacity, the bulkier and more noticeable the product probably will be.

Underpads are great for women but are not always the best fit for guys. Considering the male anatomy is a bit more bulbous, you probably want to go with a more well-rounded product (literally and figuratively). That’s why Male Drip Protection has you covered.

What Makes MDP Different from Alternatives?

MDP differs from most adult underpads for incontinence because it’s not a pad. Think of it as a sleeve or a glove that fits snugly over your penis for all-day comfort and protection.

The proprietary two-strap solution allows you to adjust the size however you see fit. This means it can fit around a package of any size. And if it feels too loose or tight throughout the day, just take a trip to the restroom to adjust.

Another great benefit is that you can keep wearing whatever type of underwear you prefer — boxers or briefs. Underpads usually require you to wear tight-fitting briefs to prevent the pad from sliding around inside of boxers. But since MDP conforms to your package rather than your pants, you can have the freedom to keep wearing whatever floats your boat.

MDP is perfect for light incontinence because it can hold up to two ounces of fluid — that’s about the same amount as a shot glass. That’s a lot of drips and dribbles throughout the day. 

And if you ever need to change it out because it gets a bit soaked, you don’t need to completely take off your pants like you would with adult underwear. You just take a quick trip to the bathroom, take the product off, and replace it with a new one.

How Do I Pick the Right Incontinence Product?

When choosing an incontinence product that is best suited for your situation, there are usually three criteria to watch out for: comfort, capacity, and size.


Wearing comfortable clothes is naturally important, but when it comes to your groin, it’s imperative that everything feels comfy and cozy. Most adult underpads use paper, which chafes and generally feels uncomfortable, especially when wet.

Generally, those made of fabric or cotton tend to feel better down there, and MDP is made with a super absorbent fabric that stays comfortable all day long. And since you can freely adjust the straps, you can allow the product to fit as tight or loose as you wish.


The amount of fluid you need your product to hold depends on how much fluid you tend to release. MDP is perfect for light incontinence of up to two ounces, so if you tend to release anything more than that, you might want to go with ordinary underpads until you can upgrade.

You can work to improve incontinence by cutting back on smoking, drinking more water to expand bladder capacity, doing pelvic floor exercises, and bracing your pelvic floor when lifting heavy objects.


When it comes to wearing incontinence products, size does matter. You don’t want to wear one that’s too loose because it might slide around and render it completely useless, but you also don’t want one that’s too tight because you’ll feel constricted as you move around.

MDP lets you adjust freely, so you don’t need to worry about trying out different products ahead of time and wasting money before finding the right fit.

In Conclusion

Male underpads for incontinence work great especially if you struggle with moderate to severe incontinence. But for light incontinence, more comfortable options adhere to your anatomy rather than your underwear.

MDP is a revolutionary product that returns men to doing what they love most. With a two-strap design and comfortable fit, there’s no way to go wrong. Every man is on a mission that matters — do it without worrying about incontinence.



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